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The current team at Hi-Stress Concrete have been working in the concrete industry for over forty years. We enjoy working on a range of different projects and are always happy to have a chat to you about yours. Give us a call today.

Company History

Hi-Stress Concrete was founded to manufacture Pre-stressed Concrete products. The company initially manufactured pre-stressed concrete fence posts for residential use as well as other farm products. The company sequentially ventured into the manufacture of pre-stressed concrete piles with the first piles being supplied and driven in 1959 in the construction of a housing block in Cotton Street, Shirley, Christchurch. Since then the company has researched, developed, and invested in plant to produce building piles to advanced, specialist specifications, strengths and standards which are not currently matched by any other manufacturers to our knowledge in New Zealand.

The company has developed considerable experience and expertise with the manufacture of specialists’ precast and pre-stressed concrete products.

During the late 1970’s the company began manufacturing GRC products and continues to hold expertise in this production method.

In the late 1980’s Hi-Stress Concrete worked in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – to design and supervise construction of 2 – 200 ton stressing beds complete with moulds, pile construction and jointing method for 125mm and 150mm piles. This was the first pre-stressed concrete pile in Malaysia.

In 1989, the original company was put into shareholders voluntary liquidation to take advantage of favourable income tax concessions applying at the time. The plant and business was sold to the Company Incorporated in 1989. Both Companies have been owned, managed and operated by the England family from the inception.

In March 1993, the company gained special grade classification for the manufacture of concrete from the New Zealand Ready Mixed Concrete Association and holds a current classification.

With the introduction of the new New Zealand Standards, Hi Stress had to re-design and build new moulds for the housing market of New Zealand. This resulted in the pile being 100mm x 100mm, and complied with NZS 3104 part 1 and 2, 1995. The 150mm x 150mm pile had minor changes to comply.

The design of the 100mm piles, the 150mm piles and the 275mm piles have been developed in conjunction with RD Sullivan, Consulting Engineer. Alongside this; in 2008, the company developed a third pre-stress bed 30m long and capable of a 300 ton stressing load.

Since then the 275mm has been “retired”; in its place a 200mm (pre-stressed) and a 250mm reinforced have been developed.

Hi-Stress Concrete continues strive and improve its product to meet the critical and necessary standards of today’s building requirements. We hold strong research and development relationships with key engineering personnel moving forward.

Testing to conform to TC3 requirements has seen the 150mm piles to meet the New Zealand standards and the company is in the stages of developing a jointing system for the 150mm and 200mm piles.